Symposium III

For our symposium, we were asked to look at campaigns that mirror our mission statement. In my research, I came across a WordPress blog for the “Campaign for Body Confidence” ( From what I could gather it’s a campaign from the UK whose main mission is to “influence the fashion, beauty, diet, and media industries – and the government to:

– ensure honesty and transparency in advertising,
– promote diversity of body shapes and sizes used in magazines, advertising, broadcast and catwalk
– introduce media literacy and body confidence education in school
– give children positive examples of using their bodies by promoting active lifestyles and less sexualised imagery”

I was intrigued by this because they really go out of their way to expose industries that make people feel lesser. They’ve gotten a lot of recognition for doing amazing things for the perception of peoples’ bodies and continue to work diligently to make everyone feel beautiful. Their blog consists of articles about the use of airbrushing and the danger of “miracle diets” and constantly try to instill the idea that everyone is beautiful in their own way. They support similar campaigns, like the Dove Beauty campaign (that does receive some criticism, but ultimately means well), and their blog provides additional information on the constant struggle for the acceptance of different definitions of beauty in the media.

I think this campaign is a really great resource for us because they are advocating for the same things that we are and they have already gathered some extensive research on the topic. One thing I am jealous of is the wording and passion conveyed in their mission statement. That’s not to say that I’m not proud of what we have come up with, but I feel like we could have been stronger with our wording. Overall, I’m glad that similar campaigns to ours do exist and that we were able to find a few of them to share with the class because these are such valuable resources for us. We may have done our own outside research, but to see campaigns like this having an impact is a truly inspiring thing. I look forward to following the Campaign for Body Confidence and seeing what they accomplish in the years ahead.

I was also inspired by the groups that Bre and Sarah found because because they were both so successful. The Women’s Campaign International was amazing to see because it proved that there are initiatives really making great strides in helping others and building confidence and self-worth. The Confidence Coalition was also something I had never heard of before that spends an immense amount of time making sure girls and women have the self-confidence to do anything they set their minds to. I feel like with the right amount of time and a few more resources to pull from, the Worth(more) campaign could get to at least the same level as the Campaign for Body Confidence, and I will be interested to see what happens with our little campaign over time.

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